Are you getting enough protein? This may well be the most commonly asked question you get by going plant-based! There is a misconception that going plant-based means you eat less protein, BUT there are so many protein rich plant-based foods!

Here are 5 plant-based foods high in protein and inspiration on using them in the kitchen:


-Great addition to curries, stews and soups. Add a can right at the end and heat through.
-Roast in the oven and allow them to go crispy! Try different flavours: plain, sea salt, chilli and lime juice or even cocoa for a sweet alternative. Makes for a great snack.


-Great steamed and served with a sprinkling of sea salt and eaten straight from the pod
-Add edamame beans to a poke bowl: streamed rice, tofu, carrots, cucumber, edamame and a dressing of your choice (sesame or a spicy soy)


-A great alternative to rice! Use as a side for stews, curries or even added to a soup for extra protein.
-Use to make burgers. There are lots of quinoa burger recipes out there to try such as this one.


-A great staple to have in the fridge to slice and cook when needed. Makes a great addition to a plant-based big breakfast or added to a bowl.
-Try frying the tempeh and then adding a splash of soy sauce. Yum!


-Conveniently eaten straight from a peanut butter jar by the spoon or on toast
-Add peanut butter to bliss balls to create sweet protein bites