Calcium is found in many plant-based foods and is important to incorporate into your meals.

Here are 5 plant-based foods high in calcium and inspiration on using them in the kitchen:


-Make sushi! A delicious and fun activity for the weekend. Our sushi staples are: tofu, avocado, sliced carrot and cucumber and sesame seeds.
-Eat nori sheets as is. Cut into squares and take as a easy snack.


-Tofu, soy milk and tempeh are all great options
-Tofu can be added to stir-fry’s, crumbed and made into scrambled tofu, or even shredded to create Vegan BBQ Shredded Tofu.


-Add a handful of spinach to a curry or stew when it’s cooked and allow to wilt
-Add spinach to smoothies. Depending on the other ingredients used, the spinach flavour is very subtle or not there.


-Tahini makes for a great addition to salad dressings, to create a creamy dressing
-Tahini fudge is a smile, delicious and nourishing recipe idea. Check this out.


-Eat as is- makes for the perfect snack
-Add figs to bliss balls