Here are 5 sustainable tips to implement in your bathroom:

1) Use a bamboo toothbrush

-Did you know, Australians throw out around 900 tonnes of toothbrushes each year? Why not be a part of the solution and not the problem? Say no to plastic toothbrushes and say yes to bamboo toothbrushes instead.

2) Change up your soap

-If you are using plastic hand soap pumps, it’s time to change your soap. Go for glass or aluminium soap pumps and instead of adding in liquid soap, go for tablets and just add water! An easy and great idea. Interested? Find it here.

3) Don’t use dental floss

-We don’t mean get rid of it completely! Plastic dental floss can end up in the ocean or in the natural environment and being plastic, can take a while to break down. So why not go for a more sustainable option? Find some alternatives here.

4) Ditch the shampoo bottle

-Go for a shampoo and conditioner bar! Find a great range of shampoo bars here.

5) Use a plastic free toothpaste

-Instead of using a plastic tube of toothpaste, why not use a more natural and environmentally friendly alternative. Find an option here, plus, don’t forget about the refills– simply top up your jar!