Here are 5 sustainable cleaning tips to implement in your home:

1) Ditch the plastic and go for tablet sprays

-Get rid of harmful cleaning products in plastic bottles and opt for glass bottles and cleaning tablets. When you run out of cleaning product, simply fill the bottle up with water and pop a tablet in. So easy! The Good Change Store, a New Zealand based company, has a kitchen, bathroom and multi-purpose cleaning spray set that is a great starter kit. Find them here.

2) Sustainable cloths

-Use cleaning cloths that will eventually break down such as these compostable ones.

3) Use natural products to clean

-Bicarb soda, lemon and vinegar are great sustainable products that can be used for cleaning. Bicarb is great at cleaning stains left in the sink and other tough stains. Adding lemon juice and vinegar can also help remove the stain.

4) Don’t throw out old toothbrushes

-Instead of throwing out your toothbrush when you need a new one, save them for cleaning! Toothbrushes are great for cleaning tight, hard to get places and you are using something that would just be thrown out.

5) Ditch Paper Towel

-Paper towel is designed as single use, and while using it may be convenient in the moment, you do need to think about where it ends up… Find a reusable alternative such as this.